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Benefits & Growth Prospects

At STSi, we take personal responsibility in shaping every consultant’s career. We believe that consultants comes to us not just for any project but entrusting us with their futures. We offer challenging assignments, a positive working environment, professional management, continuous training and the most demanding projects. High performers receive recognition and at every step of your success, we provide a special incentive, such as bonuses and awards. We also provide comprehensive benefits including Health, Dental, 401K, Paid Vacations and Flexible Spending Plans. Our responsibility towards new consultants not only includes competitive salaries and compensation, but we also offer support in facilitating the transition process when consultants relocate to new cities. In addition, we provide interest-free loans during the initial adjustment period for those who are coming to the United States from overseas for the first time. We have developed these programs in response to feedback from our consultants.

Continuous Education

We believe in individual growth and overall development of all our consultants through continuous education. We have several training programs which are aligned with the rate at which technology is developing. We provide programs in leadership and learning for all our employees. We also have dedicated training centers where we bring in trainers certified in various skills. They conduct training sessions to offer our consultants hands on experience in up and coming technologies to keep them ahead of the competition. Our Research and Development Team is always staying abreast of the ever changing market needs to make training available to our consultants.

Comprehensive Working Environment

STSi offers our consultants the ability to work on cutting-edge technologies and gives them a sense of ownership of work. Our performance appraisal system provides feedback at all levels; from peers, subordinates and superiors, which help support your career development. We believe that client feedback is critical in the evaluation process and in a majority of cases, in conjunction with the client hiring manager, we will evaluate a consultant’s performance on a quarterly basis. Our consultants are specifically evaluated on areas including productivity, communication, management skills, personnel development and leadership skills. In addition to client feedback, upon joining a new project and on an incremental basis while retained on a project, STSi works with our consultants to set goals and expectations. In order to ensure these goals are realistic and attainable, the hiring manager is often included in this process on quarterly basis.