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Companies in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry face growing challenges such as diversified products, more stringent specifications, customers expecting quicker response, and higher compliance requirements. At STSi, our SAP pharma consultant team works closely with you to coordinate the entire scope of your activities, such as order entry, production planning, FDA/EMEA compliance, batch management, quality management, billing and profitability analysis in the pharmaceuticals and SAP life sciences industries.

Our SAP pharma consultant supports key business processes across the following industry segments:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Biotechnology / Biopharmaceuticals
  3. Medical device / Scientific instruments

Our SAP consulting team provides SAP solutions to achieve business efficiencies in key processes such as:
  1. Drug discovery, R&D administration, Pharmaceutical development, Clinical trial management, Clinical trials supply management, Regulatory submission
  2. Manufacturing and Quality management, Compliant manufacturing, Enterprise LIMS, equipment maintenance, electronic batch records, batch tracking
  3. Core operations such as supply chain management, contract management, order-to-cash, sales/marketing, field sales, financial reporting
  4. Production processes, recipe management, weighing, quality management, lab testing integration, material movement, EBR, SOP, Digital signature
  5. Product Safety, medical enquiries, complaint management, incidence reporting, CAPA, drug tracking and tracing, ePedigree, lot tracking
  6. Compliance and Validation across all processes (21 CFR Part 11, xGMP)

Our Approach
At STSi, we aim to be your trusted partners and advisors to achieve your business objectives. Our SAP Pharma consultant team believes in sharing your vision and business objectives to deliver SAP life sciences solutions on-time within-budget.

Our Value Proposition:
  1. Experienced SAP pharma and life sciences consultant team having international project experience.
  2. Highly experienced SAP Functional consulting team across the major pharmaceutical and life sciences business processes.
  3. Cost reduction through our offsite SAP development services to meet your business requirements. We are delivering our SAP development requirements from our offsite office for our customer projects.