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Workflow enabled Paperless HR processes
Replace the traditional paper based HR processes using SAP workflow and SAP NetWeaver frameworks. Approvals and audit trail maintained for compliance purposes.

Key Features
  1. HR processes across organizations are predominantly paper based due to the nature of the process such as expense claim approval, addition of dependents for health insurance etc.
  2. The framework based on SAP Workflow allows submission of documents to the local HR administrator who does the physical verification of documents.
  3. Thereafter, the approval chain goes through several levels of management approvals before the HR data is finally committed to SAP HR.
  4. The paper documents and proofs (such as certificates) are scanned and attached to the HR application in the workflow.
  5. These attachments can be viewed by the approver of the workflow application.
  6. Audit is maintained to comply with regulatory compliance such that approval actions can be recalled at any later point of time.

SAP Release Requirements
  1. SAP 4.6C, 4.7, ECC6
Employee Self Service (SAP ESS) : HR Forms Management
For routine processes such as address change, employee has to print and fill forms. Our solution based on SAP Adobe framework allows interactive forms and online SAP updates.

Key Features
  1. For routine HR processes such as update of home address, the employee may have to print the form, fill and submit it to the HR Administrator.
  2. In our solution based on Adobe Interactive Forms, the employee downloads the Adobe Form, and directly types in his or her personnel information
  3. She submits the data directly from within the Adobe Form.
  4. The backend SAP gets updated with the submitted HR data.
  5. Optionally, the data is routed to the HR administrator who approves the changes. This routing is based on the workflow that is defined within the solution.

SAP Release Requirements
  1. SAP 4.6C, 4.7, ECC6
  2. SAP NetWeaver 04s / 7.0
  3. SAP Adobe Interactive Forms
  4. SAP Portals