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How we work

At STSi, we aim to be your trusted partners and advisors towards your critical SAP initiatives. To provide SAP consulting services, our team believes in sharing your vision and business objectives to deliver projects on-time within-budget.

Share project goals and business objectives
We believe in your success and achieving the business goals of the SAP initiatives. The project charter, goals and business objectives are clearly outlined - the key success criteria are agreed upon, such that all team members have a clear understanding of the project goals.

Share project progress with all stakeholders on weekly basis
Complete visibility on project progress regarding budget, scope and timelines is communicated regularly. Status reports and clear progress trackers identify issues that may impact timelines and project milestones. Robust program management ensures that all stakeholders are made aware of project progress, achievements, risks and issues that impact timelines.

Involve the key business users throughout development cycle and show them intermediate results
Business requirements originate from the key business users. Based on this simple fact, we involve the key business users in project progress, testing of intermediate development and helps in training. In our experience, this has resulted in SAP development that is accurate, avoids surprises and meets business expectations.

Divide project in short cycles to deliver functionality continuously
In traditional SAP project development, the business users see the development after a long development phase. Any change in business requirements at this stage cannot be accommodated due to the rigid project methodology. In contrast, we adopt an "agile" SAP development; the project is divided into shorter development cycles. In our experience, this has allowed our customers to get access to completed functionality in a much shorter time.

Train the users for effective SAP usage. Gain trust through knowledge sharing.
Training is an integral part of SAP projects. We work closely with the business users to demonstrate new functionality and make them efficient in SAP usage. In parallel, we work with the customer's IT team to train them on new development; this enables them to manage and support the SAP developments.

We bring predictability, reliability, and "peace of mind" to our customers

Single point of contact, with complete visibility of ticket status and progress: A dedicated Senior SAP Consultant would be your single point of contact for project progress and ticket status updates. The senior consultant would always be in touch with your IT manager to update you of project status and build rapport between our teams.

An always-available team: Our team members are always reachable during off-business hours on email, messenger, skype and phone to resolve urgent issues. We are your "extended team" to support you during vacations, holidays and beyond business hours.

Simple pricing and service contract: Simple transparent pricing and service agreement that can be suited to your requirements for a fixed cost, fixed term or fixed skillsets.