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The CPG and FMCG companies face growing challenges such as intense competition, fast moving products, changing consumer preferences, factory gate pricing, electronic product coding and thin margins. At STSi, our SAP consultant works closely with you to coordinate the entire scope of your SAP CPG and FMCG activities in the apparel and footwear (SAP AFS), beverage (SAP IS-Beverage) and perishables.

Our team of SAP consultants provides SAP solutions to achieve business efficiencies in key processes such as:

  1. DSD (direct store delivery) of beverages with empties management
  2. Empties processing through delivery notes and billing documents
  3. Extended rebate processing for wholesalers and customers.
  4. Tax calculations such as excise.
  5. Direct store delivery of fresh produce, dairy, meat and perishables
  6. Product cost planning, sales planning, overhead cost management
  7. Procurement of stock, and internal stock transfer across plants and companies
  8. Returns and complaints management
  9. Container logistics, transportation management, route settlement, loading agenda, vehicle space optimization, route accounting
  10. Business analytics, reporting and dashboards for KPI, operational reporting and business intelligence

Using SAP NetWeaver, our SAP consultant team has provided solutions to CPG and FMCG scenarios:
  1. Simplify SAP transactions using ABAP WebDynpro
  2. SAP BPM based workflows for purchase approvals
  3. SAP Business Objects based rich reporting, interactive what-if analysis and KPI dashboards
  4. Mobile solutions for retail store DSD scenario

Our Approach
At STSi, we aim to be your trusted partners and advisors to achieve your business objectives. Our SAP consultant believes in sharing your vision and business objectives to deliver SAP AFS and SAP IS-Beverage solutions on-time within-budget.

Our Value Proposition:
  1. Experienced SAP consultants having international project experience.
  2. Highly experienced SAP Functional consulting team across the major AFS and IS-Beverage business processes. Together, we are able to develop practical approaches for streamlining your core business processes on SAP.
  3. Cost reduction through our offsite SAP development services to meet your business requirements. We are delivering our SAP development requirements from our offsite office for our customer projects.