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SAP Project Management

SAP Program Management - ArchitectPMO

  1. ArchitectPMO is our proprietary product used for all our SAP projects for Program Management.
  2. Used for SAP project management of Implementation, Rollouts, Support, Maintenance and Custom Development. Built on 100% SAP NetWeaver.

  1. Supports distributed SAP project management in an onsite/offsite scenario.
  2. 100% pure SAP NetWeaver. Based on the standard SAP NetWeaver platform (Portals, Web Dynpro)
  3. In process of SAP Certification for SAP Powered by NetWeaver (SAP PBNW).

SAP Project Usage Scenarios
  1. SAP Implementation: Implementation and Rollout follows the ASAP methodology enforced by ArchitectPMO. The ASAP methodology can be tailored by the customer for the project, and enforced on all the development objects and activities
  2. SAP Support & Maintenance: SAP support activities, issue tracker and ticket resolution are managed within the product. Customer maintenance and enhancement requests can be routed, prioritized and executed by the SAP team towards a streamlined process oriented support process.
  3. SAP Custom Development / Application development: The product allows the application development based on the ASAP methodology or the modern agile/scrum development software development methodologies for SAP NetWeaver projects.

Key Features
  1. Modeling the Project in functional tracks containing nested subtracks and activities
  2. Flexible objects of various SAP types (such as Reports, WebDynpro, BI Reports, XI Interfaces).
  3. Document versioning and status tracking.
  4. Integrated tracking on clarifications, issues, test cases and object completion status.
  5. Flexible reporting on project status, developer workload, efforts, slippages and schedule adherence.
  6. Audit of changed object status, document change history and project status changes.

SAP Release Requirements
  1. SAP NetWeaver 04s / 7.0 / 7.1 platform
  2. SAP Portals
  3. SAP Java Web Dynpro
  4. SAP Business Objects (SAP BO) for rich reporting