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At STSi, our team of expert SAP ABAP HR developers focuses on creating business value for your organization by providing SAP ABAP HR developments and customizations to meet your business requirements.

Our SAP ABAP HR developers have rich experience in SAP HCM projects such as ABAP HR reporting, ABAP HR integration and SAP HR custom infotypes.

We are committed to optimizing your SAP HCM investments through cost effective SAP ABAP HR development, implementation, enhancement and support activities.

Our SAP ABAP HR developer provides expertise in the following SAP HR areas:

  1. SAP ABAP HR reporting in Personnel Management, Organizational Management, Payroll, Time Management
  2. Custom Infotypes creation and management
  3. ABAP HR reporting using classical and ALV reporting
  4. Integrations with other systems such as attendance and time recording applications
  5. Enhancements (exits, BADI)
  6. Forms development using SAPscript, SmartForms, Adobe Interactive Forms
  7. HR workflows for approvals
  8. ESS / MSS integrations and enhancements to meet customer requirements
  9. Adobe Forms based Workflow implementation

Our Value Proposition:
  1. Deep expertise in SAP ABAP HR consulting and development. Experienced SAP ABAP HR developers having international project experience.
  2. Focus on quality, process and timelines, to meet the service level agreements and end user expectations
  3. Cost reduction through our offsite SAP ABAP HR development services to meet your business requirements. We are delivering our SAP ABAP HR development from our offsite office for our customer projects.

Our commitment to you:
  1. Provide a level of service and attention that constantly exceeds your expectations.