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SAP Archiving

At STSi, we have been providing SAP Data Archiving services to our customers that have been in production for several years and accumulated large database sizes.

Considering that 20% of the data is really needed by the business for everyday operations and reporting, the remaining 80% of the data is a heavy baggage leading to slow down of the overall SAP performance, increase backup times and increase SAP BASIS administration costs.

Our team is committed to providing you robust SAP Data Archiving Services to reduce your online data storage size, provide visibility to archived content and provide a practical roadmap for managing the online database storage for peak performance.

Why conduct SAP Data Archiving:

  1. The SAP database growth is underestimated by most organizations. The daily transactions get accumulated in the database system, that lead to system performance issue, slow response time for transactions and slow reporting
  2. Cost of extra hardware for the larger database sizes gets prohibitive.
  3. Offline backups take longer, affecting system availability.

Our SAP Data Archiving services and our project life cycle:
  1. Assessment of your current SAP environment, and determine the effectiveness of the SAP Data Archiving project
  2. Based on SAP best practices, develop efficient SAP Data Archiving strategy for the immediate project and for future incremental archiving
  3. Identify the business document types to be archived based on the business criteria and maximum effectiveness
  4. Conduct SAP data archiving, and move the archived data to an offline storage media
  5. To support your audit compliance and legal requirements, provide solutions for viewing archived data based on your specific requirements.
  6. Provide archiving solution for specific scenarios such as high volume EDI / IDOC documents impacting SAP performance.

Our SAP Data Archiving Services ensure the following key success criteria:
  1. Faster system response time for transactions and reporting
  2. Database size reduction. The reduction percentage is determined by the time window of the data to be archived.
  3. Faster time for offline backup.
  4. Faster SAP Upgrade process, SAP patch application and SAP support package application process
  5. Achieve compliance and audit requirements.
  6. Cost reduction in storage hardware and less effort of the SAP BASIS administrator and the DBA for system management.

The STSi Differentiator
  1. Experienced SAP team having international project experience across diverse industries. We provide best practices for SAP Data Archiving Services and methodology for data management.
  2. Understand technical challenges in a SAP data archiving project such as complex document types, document dependencies, incomplete business transactions and their practical solutions
  3. Cost control through a practical team of onsite/offsite consultants. The SAP Data Archiving project can be completely executed remotely from our offsite location.

Our commitment to you:
  1. Provide a level of service and attention that constantly exceeds your expectations.