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SAP Training

At STSi, we have been providing SAP training services to end users of our customers to enable a successful deployment and acceptance of SAP within the organization. End user training and change management for the present and future users is critical for a smooth SAP deployment and effective functioning.

At STSi, our team is committed to providing your organization with SAP training services for continuous training of end users to promote effectiveness in the SAP system usage.

Why SAP end user training

  1. The end users have to understand how their end-to-end business process maps to the SAP usage. The training provides this knowledge which translates to greater accuracy and productivity of the users.
  2. Beyond the training provided during the initial SAP implementation, the original users may leave the organization to be replaced by new employees.
  3. With business growth, the SAP application has to be rolled out to new offices, new locations to a new user base.
  4. The end user training is critical to the successful deployment and acceptance of SAP within the organization.
  5. Many support requests and issues can be traced to insufficient knowledge and lack of understanding of the usage of SAP.

Our SAP training services and methodology
  1. SAP training materials such as training manuals to address business processes (such as procure-to-pay, financials, warehouse management, pricing...)
  2. SAP training materials such as videos to show the end user navigation and usage of SAP transactions
  3. Trainings conducted through webinars and Live Meeting across geographically spread users to minimize travel costs
  4. Creation of a training repository and delivered through SAP Enterprise Portal for role based access to training materials
  5. The training materials cover demos, exercises and solutions, in addition to glossary of terminology. They also list the common sources of issues and mistakes committed frequently by users.

Our SAP training services ensure the following key success criteria:
  1. Reduction in support tickets and support issues to the helpdesk.
  2. Enhanced user productivity and efficiency
  3. Reduction in erroneous transactions or document creation.
  4. Enhanced trust and confidence in SAP.
  5. Reduced training time for new team members in the organization.

The STSi Differentiator
  1. Experience working with customers in different cultures (US, Mexico, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark).
  2. Effective training plan for end users and key users, such that support requests to the help desk are reduced.
  3. Cost control through a practical team of onsite/offsite consultants. We have been imparting training to users through Webex/phone/screen sharing delivered from our offsite location.

Our commitment to you:
  1. Provide a level of service and attention that constantly exceeds your expectations.