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SAP Instance Consolidation

At STSi, we have been providing SAP instance consolidation and SAP migration services to our customers running multiple SAP instances for moving or merging them into fewer SAP instances.

There are compelling advantages to SAP instance consolidation, SAP migration and SAP landscape optimization towards reducing costs, faster SAP changes and common business processes across business units of the parent organization. SAP instance consolidation is a challenging project with technical, functional and change management effort.

At STSi, we are committed to providing you SAP instance consolidation, SAP migration and SAP landscape optimization harmonization services for achieving the objective of fewer SAP instances.

Why conduct SAP Instance Consolidation, SAP Migration and SAP Landscape Optimization:

  1. Multiple SAP landscapes across countries and business units lead to high support and maintenance costs to take care of support issues, enhancements, legal changes and compliance requirements.
  2. Opportunity to streamline business processes and introduce common templates across countries, regions and business units
  3. Ability for integrated reporting across all business units and business functions

Our SAP instance consolidation, SAP Migration and SAP landscape optimization project lifecycle:
  1. Opportunity Assessment: Provide a high-level sizing of the cost savings and cost avoidance potential and identifies key operational changes that must be considered for a SAP Instance Consolidation project.
  2. Blueprint phase: Provide a project plan of how to move from an existing multiple instance environment to a consolidated fewer instance environment. This includes consolidation strategy development, tasks and milestones, resource requirements, and cost estimates.
  3. Implementation Phase: Perform activities to design, test and implement the core server and storage infrastructure and migrate SAP data with functionality to the new consolidated instance.

Our SAP Instance Consolidation, SAP Migration and SAP landscape optimization Services ensure the following key success criteria:
  1. Reduction in the number of SAP landscapes.
  2. Reduction in the number of SAP clients.
  3. Comprehensive regression testing across all the business processes to ensure correct operation on the new SAP system.
  4. Minimum business downtime and change management.

The STSi Differentiator
  1. Experienced SAP team with prior experience in SAP instance consolidation, SAP migration and landscape optimization
  2. Proven experience in conducting the SAP instance consolidation for a group of companies. We understand the technical challenges in SAP instance consolidation, and their practical solutions. We have experience in migration of SAP ABAP and SAP J2EE instances across different operating systems and databases.
  3. Cost control through a practical team of onsite/offsite consultants. For our customers, we have conducted SAP instance consolidation project completely from our offsite location.

Our commitment to you:
  1. Provide a level of service and attention that constantly exceeds your expectations.